Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wide Fit Soccer Cleats (Boots) - Nike CTR360

I have wide, flattish, feet and love to play soccer - and this can be a problem when you're feet are size 12 1/2 to 13.

I've taken to wearing turf shoes the past two seasons because they're so much more comfortable than regular cleats - even Copas (which stretch well, but have a really narrow plate) are a problem as they are fine during the game but the next day my feet really hurt...

Luckily I was browsing Nike's website to see if they had any wide-fit boots now (almost nobody does) and lo and behold - they have a customizeable boot called the Trequartista III that comes in a wide fit.

Nike CTR360 Trequartista III FG iD (Wide) Men's Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

You have to order direct from Nike's online store, and they're not cheap at $135, but you get to customize the studs, plate, upper, tongue, laces, et cetera - but most importantly they have 12 1/2 WIDE fit.

Thank God...  Sadly you have to wait 25 days while they make them and ship them to you though...

Mine will look like this:

Let's hope they fit well :).

BTW, the link to order is:

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